Choosing the Right Level of Spice

Many people love eating Indian food because it offers a lovely blend of spice, flavour and texture to a meal. With many different levels of spice to choose from, it can be hard to know which curry to opt for so you can eat it without feeling uncomfortable! Here are some helpful tips for when you next visit your local Indian restaurant.



Curries which are mild tend to be creamy, with plenty of flavours, but less heat. Try a korma, pasanda or biryani if you like a more mild taste.


Medium spice tends to start getting a little hotter, with some kick to your meal.  Chilli can make more of an appearance, so opt for curries such as rogan josh, balti and some biryani choices too.


Hot curry can feel much more spicy, with choices like jalfrezi and madras being popular here. Much more chilli flavours are included to ramp up the heat.

Very hot

Very hot curry choices can be incredibly intense! Try a vindaloo or a phaal if you are feeling brave, or you simply love spicy food!