Heavenly Divine Spiced Dishes Out In The Suburbs

One of the very positive things about living in the middle of the country, there is no massive distance to the next city or major town.   This pleases me as I am always thrilled to  eat out at some of the best provincial restaurants anywhere in the ountry.  There was a time some years ago, when everyone wanted to be seen out at the swankiest establishments in London.  Nothing else would do for the elite, but of course, this situation had to change as families were moving away from London out towards the edges of the home counties.    The beauty of the Midlands is having so much culture around us – with the addition of every kind of food and cooking from all over the world.  Curry, although far from the authentic spiced meals eaten by asian families, is now the most popular ‘go to’ food for chaps on their group eenings out.   Not for them the greasy and calorie charged fish & chips. . . .no, it has to be the balti or the tandoori chicken or jalfrezi with a light beer – Cobra or Kingfisher anyone?