Taking The Spicy Route To Good Cooking

One of the first things you need to do before any cooking, and that counts for every type of dish or recipe or being considered.   Read the instructions carefully and look up any phrase or suggestion so you understand each stage of the process.  Check exactly the list of ingredients and how much is needed of each – before buying everything in one fell swoop, would you have it in the store cupboard already by another name?

So, having checked instructions, gather all the ingredients and try to place them in the order the recipe calls for them, putting the used carton/pack on the other side of the cooking area so you know it’s been used.  Always keep some water nearby the cooking area.  When  you break down the instructions, you realise there are just a few steps.  The easiest dishes for the beginner would be chicken tikka masala where the chicken is cooked in a spicy tomato sauce flavoured with masala spices.   Dahl tadka is yellow lentil soup flavoured with garlic and ginger.  Lamb vinadloo is hot lamb dish made with a lot of chilli peppers and is for those who can tolerate very hot and spicy!

I absolutely love aloo gobi which is a potato and cauliflower  combo and vegetable samosa which is a deep fried potato and vegetable affair.