The Joy Of Eating Curry Out With Someone Of That Culture

Its funny how we know so little about the asian culture, it’s something most of us will never have a chance to experience fully in any immersive way.  The nearest any of us ever get to these delights is eating what we lump together as Indian curry.  For many years, the balti curry has been a top favourite choice of any group of eaters – particularly men.  However there re so many other flavours in a truly asian curry dish.  There being no such thing as curry powder when cooked traditionally, the distinctive flavours are made up from many different spices, blended with care and to very traditional recipes that are passed on by mouth – probably never written down.   I personally love chicken in a pasanda sauce, with bombay aloo and sag aloo which are potatoe and cauliflower and spinach dishes.  They don’t all come with rice, in fact an Indian colleague took me out to a restaurant that she preferred, and that is when I realised there are restaurants and then there are restaurants, if you understand me.  Folk from the culture just know instinctively which suits their own preferences and disciplines.  I remember it was all so beautifully served and I felt immensely honoured to be in her company.  And we did not have rice with our food!